STRATE AWAlift 80 Pumping Station

Strate Pumping Station

Safe disposal of wastewater

Wastewater pumping units are always used when the discharge pipe is below the backwater level and drainage using natural gradient is not possible. This then ensures the wastewater is transported safely to the sewage system. This also applies to single or two-family homes, in which the basement is used in a variety of ways today and is quite often fitted with a toilet, shower, sink, bath or washing machine. In such cases, small wastewater pumping units for up to 12 residents are required, which can of course also be used in hotels, restaurants, offices, business, practices or small industrial companies.

… perfectly solved by STRATE

The STRATE AWALIFT 80 wastewater pumping unit meets these requirements perfectly and benefits from decades of STRATE experience and from the many product details which have already proved their value in more than 30,000 installed large-scale STRATE AWALIFT sewage pumping stations. It‘s not for nothing that STRATE stands for more than 60 years of competence in the field of wastewater disposal and offers innovative solutions for a wide range of products from check valves and air valves through sewage pumping stations to control technology and ready-made chambers.


strate awalift
  1. Clog-proof and economical operation – Patented solids collecting chamber design so that the pump only has to convey pre-cleaned wastewater
  2. Compact, light and still sturdy – Made of PUR, small outer dimensions and only 42 kg in weight
  3. Quiet and energy-efficient – Use of demand-oriented, compact and efficient centrifugal pumps, hydrodynamic solids collecting chamber and flow channels within the system.
  4. Simple servicing – All the components are easily accessible
  5. High pumping capacity up to 30 m water column – Optimum pump design, sturdy solids collecting chamber and container design
  6. Simple operation – AWAmaster compact control unit with LCD plain text display

strate awalift
strate awalift exploded drawing

Assembly And Installation

The assembly and installation of the STRATE AWALIFT 80 wastewater pumping unit is extremely easy. Thanks to the compact design and low weight, the STRATE AWALIFT 80 can even be transported through narrow accesses e. g. room doors to its installation location. In addition, it only requires very little space. The system is ready to operate and can be connected with very little work required. The inlet connection can be either on the left or right, the annoying sawing and sealing of connections is not necessary. Special connections sets are optionally available.

strate awamaster

All Functions Under Control All The Time

The STRATE AWALIFT 80 is equipped with the compact control unit STRATE AWAmaster 1 as standard, which- contains the pump control module as well as all the important operating elements and displays for process control. The unique quality of the AWAmaster 1 unit is the outstanding user friendliness and functionality, and has a clear LCD plain text display which shows details of the filling level, running times as well as numerous operating parameters. The unit is fitted with an integrated alarm which is immediately activated if there is a malfunction. ALL the settings and fault messages are retained even after a power failure. In addition, it can be used for the definition of switching points, times and motor current restrictions. Control takes place depending on the filling level in conjunction with the level measuring system of the STRATE AWALIFT 80.

STRATE awalift 80

Servicing Fast And Easy

Thanks to the well thought-out design, servicing the STRATE AWALIFT 80 can be carried out extremely easily by a specialist company with little time and material expenditure required. In order to maintain insurance protection in accordance with DIN EN 12056-4, servicing is mandatory and should be carried out at least once a year in single-family homes; it includes inspection and maintenance of the system.

The inspection covers can be loosened in a few fast and easy steps and are easily accessible from the outside. Servicing is made easier by the hygienic dry set-up and the closed system. All these factors result in a reduction of the time required by 30 % compared to the use of submersible pumps.

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