Consisting of two strong brands, we can provide quality engineered products and unrivalled knowledge that gives confidence in using TALIS UK whatever your application.

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"TALIS UK offer a comprehensive range of valves and services for the whole water cycle. From water recuperation to communal water distribution. From water transport to sewage treatment."


TALIS UK combines some of the most well respected brands in the UK water industry, giving it a rich and diverse history, and immeasurable value that comes from products with proven quality and service. From the acquisition of Edward Barber & Co Ltd (Ebco) in 1998, other leading names of TALIS UK…

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What We Do

We service customers around the world from our 2 main distribution centres at Bridgend, South Wales and Coleshill, Birmingham. Our customers include all the main water companies in the UK as well as water authorities, contractors, wholesalers and distributors in the plumbing and construction industries…

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Our Products

TALIS UK offer a comprehensive range of valves, meterboxes and service fittings for all types of mains and services pipes from 16mm to 2m diameter. The products are well proven over many years of use and materials used comply with BS6920 for use with potable water...                                                                   

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