Water For Ankara

pipeline ankara
pipeline ankara

Location: Ankara, Turkey

128 Km Pipeline Through Mountainous Terrain

Project Fact File

  • One of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in Europe
  • Biogas production since 2008
  • Digester plant with four 45meter high digestion towers

Products Supplied

  • Knife Gate Valves ERU K1 (DN50 – 600)
  • Butterfly Valves ECLS (DN50 – 400)
  • Butterfly Valves ROCO Premium (DN80 – 600)
  • Gate Valves (DN40 – 350)
  • SWING Check Valves (DN50 – 250)
  • Butterfly Valves EAK (DN700 – 1800)
  • Check Valves ERK (DN350)
  • Knife Gate Valves ECO (DN100 – 200)

In 2008, in a major project, the drinking water supply of Ankara was comprehensively extended and a large dimension water pipeline was laid from a reservoir located the southeast to the north part of Ankara. Since then almost 2500 ERHARD valves have ensured reliable water flow.

There they extend 128 kilometres through the mountainous landscape of Anatolia – two parallel pipes with DN 1600 nominal size and another with DN 1400, through which 9,000 litres of drinking water per second are pumped in the direction of the Turkish capital. The topography of the landscape created particular challenges for the project.

For example, level differences and gradients of up to 500 metres had to be overcome, which necessitated, among other things, construction of five pumping stations and ten large water storage facilities along the route.


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