In September 2010, the Triton Investment Group acquired the various companies of Tyco Waterworks EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) from Tyco Flow Control, to form a new company named ‘TALIS’. Within the UK, Atlantic Plastics Ltd, Erhard Valves Ltd and Cast Iron Services, which all formerly traded under Tyco Waterworks UK, have become part of the new Talis Group, and combine forces with Bayard, Belgicast, Erhard GmbH, STRATE, Unijoint, Wafrega, Schmeiding, Frischhut, Raphael, TWW Poland, and Industra, Portugal.

The products and services offered by each of the companies within the Talis Group will remain unchanged but the Group takes advantage of the huge variety and breadth of product range on offer throughout the various companies.

When Tyco acquired the companies that became ‘Tyco Waterworks’ over a period of several years in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s, they brought together some of the most highly regarded brands in the water industry. These were all successful companies in their own right, but their acquisition by Tyco allowed investment and growth well beyond that which they would have been able to achieve individually. In the UK, these brands included Atplas, Edward Barber & Co Ltd (Ebco), Talbot, Under Pressure Engineering (UPE), Samuel Booth, Cast Iron Services (CIS) and Erhard Valves Ltd. 

It is the intention of the TALIS Group to continue to develop, invest and grow the companies both individually and collectively as a Group to service the ever changing needs of our customers and the water industry.

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