Non Slam Nozzle Check Valve EDRV

  • DN 80 – 600
  • PN 10 – 40
  • Body: EN-JS1025, EN-JS1030
  • Coating: Epoxy, Enamel
  • Minimum pressure loss through optimised flow cross-sections
  • Flow-optimised valve disc and valve sealing ring
  • Optimum hydraulics with short closing path to minimise water surge
  • Wide area of application due to compact form, any possible assembly position and adjustable spring strength

Product Description

The Innovative Non-Return Valve For Maximum Economy

An optimised flow cross-sectional area as well as a valve disc and valve stem gasket designed for minimum flow resistance ensure minimum head losses with the ERHARD non slam nozzle check valve. This enables highly economic operation especially in pumping stations. Valve disc, spring and closing travel have been engineered in such a way [2] that the ERHARD non slam nozzle check valve reacts that quickly even in highest flow delays (e. g. in a vertical line) that only minimal return flow velocities occur, with the flow being gently slowed, thus reducing water hammers to a minimum.

Thanks to its compact form (face-to-face dimension to DIN EN 558, basic line 14), the adjustable spring force as well as its use in any installation position, the ERHARD non slam nozzle check valve can be used for a wide range of applications up to pressure ratings of PN 40 in the natural and drinking water sector as well as in purified wastewater. The body is made from spheroidal cast iron EN-JS1030 (EN-JS1025 for PN 40), the body insert is made from bronze. The resilient-seated piston is rubberised to W270. All internal parts can be easily replaced and the guide bushes are maintenance-free. The ERHARD non slam nozzle check valve is internally enamelled for protection against corrosion and the outside has been coated with EKB in blue. Position indication is optionally available [3].

non slam nozzle check valve
non slam nozzle check valve
no slam nozzle check profile
no slam nozzle check profile

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