Swing Check Valve

  • DN 50 – 300
  • PN 10 – 16
  • Body: EN-JL 1040, EN-JS 1030
  • Coating: Epoxy
  • Degree of opening of 93% to extremely low zeta value
  • Self-centering valve disc through spherical bearing pin, therefore always tight closure
  • Medium-free shaft bearing for permanent easy running
  • Transparent plastic protective cage in the pivoting area of the lever and weight to protect against unintentional contact
  • Also for potable water

Product Description

The ERHARD SWING check valve is a non-return valve that can be flexibly used for water and sewage. Featuring a 93 % opening value, it guarantees an extremely low zeta value, a head loss of less than 8 mbar in the fully opened position and a high degree of cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it is thereby scrapable in flow direction. The ball-shaped bearing pin ensures self-centring of the valve disc in the body seat which always guarantees sealed closure, even at low back pressures. The shaft is supported in the cover, thereby medium free, permanently smoothly running and can easily be replaced.

Apart from an internal shaft, the ERHARD SWING check valve is also available with an external shaft including lever and weight. This design can be equipped with a basket guard to prevent accidents in the area of the lever. A conversation of internal to external shaft with lever and weight can also be done later without mounting the valve from the pipe. And in addition, the ERHARD SWING checkvalve is also available with lever and weight on both sides. The seat ring in the body is made of stainless steel, which, in conjunction with the inside and outside epoxy-coating of the body parts (with the thickness of 250μm) it´s an optimal protection against corrosion.


swing check valve
swing check valve
check valve swing
check valve swing
check valve swing with prevention basket
check valve swing with prevention basket

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